A thousand years of history

This piece of land has seen a lot of people pass by through the centuries.
The oldest parts of the houses are from the year 1050.
In the past Escaia has been a convent, a resting place for weary pilgrims on their way to Rome
and a farm run by several farming families.
And what else? Who knows… Almost a thousand years is a long time.

Peace and simplicity, hospitality and kindness

When nonno Romano bought Escaia in the sixties, the houses that had been the homes of many families and animals, had been empty for a while and were in need of care. For some years the main building was used as a vacation house for the family until the year 2000, when Escaia was turned into an agriturismo.

What can we learn from the past?

Escaia has been the space of peace and simplicity worthy of a convent, a place of hospitality and kindness for the traveller in need and the home of families caring for the land.
So, peace and simplicity, hospitality and kindness and the love of nature. A distillation of what Escaia remains even to this day.

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